The rain is falling on the windowas I'm lying here in bedI s

The rain is falling on the window
as I'm lying here in bed
I smile as pictures of you
dance in and out of my head
the phone rings suddenly
and you're on the other line
I tell you that I miss you
and you're always on my mind
you tell me that you love me
and I say I love you to
I tell you these are just the hard times
and that we're gonna make it through
nothing can come between a love so strong and true
we will always be together baby
just me and you
I know I'm not perfect and I've let you down once or twice
but I honestly couldn't take it if you ran out of my life
so baby close your eyes and don't think about the past
cause this time I'm building a love that's going to last
baby, when you get down and think I don't feel the same
all you have to do is whisper my name
whisper my name and all your dreams will come true
instantly I will be standing next to you
so if you ever get lonely and you can't take the pain
baby, just whisper my name

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