Did you ever fall in lovebut knew he didn't caredo you ever

Did you ever fall in love
but knew he didn't care
do you ever feel like crying
but knew it would get you nowhere
Did you ever look into his eyes
and say a little prayer
did you ever look into his heart
and wish that you were there
Did you ever watch him dancing
with the lights turned way down low
did you ever whisper, God I love him so
but could never let him know
Did you ever wonder where he is
and wonder if he's true
one minute you'll find happiness
and the next you'll be blue
So my friend, don't fall in love
the price you pay is high
if I could choose between love and death
I think I'd rather die
So my friend don't fall in love
no matter what you do
just look at me, and then you'll know
because I've fallen in love with you

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