Never did I thinkthat anyone would careabout what I felt ins

Never did I think
that anyone would care
about what I felt inside
the emotions hidden there
But you came along
like a sudden ray of light
chased away the darkness
made everything alright
You listen when I talk
and never turn away
it means so much to me
you brighten up my days
You make me laugh and smile
when I feel like crying
make me feel better
when I feel like dying
It's hard to find a friend
who's sweet and cute like you
who seems to find happiness
in everything you do
You're like a diamond
a rose among the thorns
never looking back,
always going through the door
I usually put up walls
and not let anybody in
afraid they will see me,
afraid they'll see within
But with you it's different
I feel safe and secure
cause I know your honest
and your heart is pure
I wonder if I deserve,
such a friend like you
someone with
warmth and compassion
who always know what to do
I'm always here for you
till the very end
just know this,
I'll always be your friend

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