Everything is differentmy life is not the sameevery since yo

Everything is different
my life is not the same
every since you decided
to play this stupid game
I miss the way things were
and I miss my best friend
we were the exception
the friendship that would never end
You've broken my heart
numerous times in the past
but I think this is the one
the only time it will last
To lose you like this
just seems so unfair
and I'm beginning to see
that you really don't care
It's taken all that I've got
to not shed a tear
but I've told you before
losing you was my fear
This is not a love letter
I don't feel that way
It's me telling you
what I've gotta say
I'm really confused
with all these thoughts in my head
and without you around
there're going unsaid
I need my best friend
I'm not gonna lie
I'm sorry I hurt you
but you're making me cry
I said I'm sorry
what else can I do
you're hurting me
for worse than I hurt you
Please don't forget
even though things are bad
you're the greatest best friend
that I've ever had

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