'That's just what good friends do'

Just like everyone else, I have times when I know that

I can't do it all by myself. There are times when I

need encouragement and some extra strength, a bit

of wisdom, a little humor, and a lot of knowing that

someone is on my side. It may be a situation that needs

some gentle understanding; it might be a problem that

needs to be talked out. There are so many aspects of

my life that benefit tremendously by a friend - just

'listening in' and then sharing insights that could only

come from someone on the inside. There are times

when the only thing that sees me through... is the

friend I have in you.


I do have you for a friend. And that is so wonderful.

I want you to be my friend. That is forever. And yes,

I gladly and graciously admit that... I need you to be

my friend.


I tell you that truthfully, honestly, and openly. I want

you to receive it as the compliment it's meant to be. It

says in a roundabout way that you are the one person

I know I can turn to. And whether I'm dealing with a

crisis or just cruising along, it makes all the difference

in the world to know that a smile is in your eyes when

you see me... and that there is someone I can share

everything with.


Why am I telling you all this? It's because I

want to say that everything I have with you...

you have with me.


You can call on me, turn to me, and count on

me to be there for you wherever, whenever.

Because you so generously share the laughter,

I will lovingly dry any tears. Because you so

kindly believe in me, I will never stop believing

in you. I will cheer you on and do whatever I

can to help you reach out for your hopes and

dreams. But I'll also be there to protect you, to

ease any burdens, and to remind you that there

are two of us to overpower any worries and

chase away any fears.


I am your friend. You can rely on me, you can

depend on me, and yes, I would be honored if

you would need me, too. When two people are

as close as we are, the giving and the taking

blend together into one. There's no keeping

score. There's just giving more.


That's just what good friends do.

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