You're my all-time greatest friend

When I was five, my best friend was the person

I played with until near-sunset. Only one of our

mother's voices telling us to come inside meant

that playtime was over for the day.


At seven, I just knew that my best friend was

the person who sat next to me in school - the

one I gave the first piece of cake to at my

birthday party.


As a teenager, 'best friend' mean something

different. The person who listened to me and

still liked me afterward fit the definition best.


I met you when I was grown up, and our

friendship has taught me that being best

friends means all this... and so much more.


True enough, we play together... at this game

called life. If I had a birthday party, you'd

definitely get the first piece of cake. You are

undoubtedly the person who listens to me and

still likes me when I'm done pouring out all the

stuff that makes for trials and triumphs in life.


Through the years, though, our friendship has

transcended the issue of birthday cakes, and some

of our heart-to-heart conversations have subsided

into silence. It's often not about words; we can

sit in complete silence and get up knowing that

we've had the best conversation ever.


That kind of friendship doesn't come overnight,

and I just want to thank you for being my best

friend at a time when life makes it so necessary

to have one.


You know what? I have this feeling that even if

life didn't make it necessary, we'd still be best

friends. We really don't need any reason at all.

Thank you.

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