Problems and predicaments come

to us all. There's no sign saying,

"you must be this tall..." to ride

on the emotional roller coasters

that take so many of us for a

spin. The bad news is that there

are times when we're passengers...

whether we like it or not. The

good news is that we can always

choose to get off at the next stop.

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Sometimes it's important to

work for that pot of gold.

But other times it's essential

to take time off and to make

sure that your most important

decision in the day simply

consists of choosing which

color to slide down on the


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Each day brings with it

the miracle of a new beginning.

Many of the moments ahead

will be marvelously disguised

as ordinary days, but each one

of us has the chance to make something extraordinary out

of them

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Be creative

you're the artist here

you're the one who can

brush away the clouds

and make the sun shine.

Paint your own picture,

choose your own colors

and forget all that

business about having to

stay between the lines

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'That's just what good friends do'

Just like everyone else, I have times when I know that

I can't do it all by myself. There are times when I

need encouragement and some extra strength, a bit

of wisdom, a little humor, and a lot of knowing that

someone is on my side. It may be a situation that needs

some gentle understanding; it might be a problem that

needs to be talked out. There are so many aspects of

my life that benefit tremendously by a friend - just

'listening in' and then sharing insights that could only

come from someone on the inside. There are times

when the only thing that sees me through... is the

friend I have in you.


I do have you for a friend. And that is so wonderful.

I want you to be my friend. That is forever. And yes,

I gladly and graciously admit that... I need you to be

my friend.


I tell you that truthfully, honestly, and openly. I want

you to receive it as the compliment it's meant to be. It

says in a roundabout way that you are the one person

I know I can turn to. And whether I'm dealing with a

crisis or just cruising along, it makes all the difference

in the world to know that a smile is in your eyes when

you see me... and that there is someone I can share

everything with.


Why am I telling you all this? It's because I

want to say that everything I have with you...

you have with me.


You can call on me, turn to me, and count on

me to be there for you wherever, whenever.

Because you so generously share the laughter,

I will lovingly dry any tears. Because you so

kindly believe in me, I will never stop believing

in you. I will cheer you on and do whatever I

can to help you reach out for your hopes and

dreams. But I'll also be there to protect you, to

ease any burdens, and to remind you that there

are two of us to overpower any worries and

chase away any fears.


I am your friend. You can rely on me, you can

depend on me, and yes, I would be honored if

you would need me, too. When two people are

as close as we are, the giving and the taking

blend together into one. There's no keeping

score. There's just giving more.


That's just what good friends do.

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You're my all-time greatest friend

When I was five, my best friend was the person

I played with until near-sunset. Only one of our

mother's voices telling us to come inside meant

that playtime was over for the day.


At seven, I just knew that my best friend was

the person who sat next to me in school - the

one I gave the first piece of cake to at my

birthday party.


As a teenager, 'best friend' mean something

different. The person who listened to me and

still liked me afterward fit the definition best.


I met you when I was grown up, and our

friendship has taught me that being best

friends means all this... and so much more.


True enough, we play together... at this game

called life. If I had a birthday party, you'd

definitely get the first piece of cake. You are

undoubtedly the person who listens to me and

still likes me when I'm done pouring out all the

stuff that makes for trials and triumphs in life.


Through the years, though, our friendship has

transcended the issue of birthday cakes, and some

of our heart-to-heart conversations have subsided

into silence. It's often not about words; we can

sit in complete silence and get up knowing that

we've had the best conversation ever.


That kind of friendship doesn't come overnight,

and I just want to thank you for being my best

friend at a time when life makes it so necessary

to have one.


You know what? I have this feeling that even if

life didn't make it necessary, we'd still be best

friends. We really don't need any reason at all.

Thank you.

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Friendship is...

... creating a sunny day together,

even if it is pouring rain outside.


... making time for each other no

matter how busy life gets.


... standing up for one another

when challenges and confrontations

come along.


... dropping everything when the

other person is in need.


... loving each other unconditionally.


... dreaming, planning, and believing



... laughing until you can hardly

breathe - and not caring who

hears you.


... sharing cherished memories and

priceless moments that will last for

a lifetime.



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Our friendship will remain constant

Sometimes we do not feel like we want to feel

Sometimes we do not achieve what we want

to achieve

Sometimes things that happen do not make sense

Sometimes life leads us in directions that are

beyond our control

It is at these times, most of all

that we need someone

who will quietly understand us

and be there to support us

I want you to know, my friend

that I am here for you

in every way

and remember that though

circumstances in our lives change

our friendship will always remain constant

and remember that though

things may be difficult now

tomorrow is a new day

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I keep our memories tucked within my heart

Inside my heart

there is this little place

it keeps me warm

it keeps me sane

it is my sunshine on

rainy days


This is the place where

I've stored away

each memory we have shared

and all the wonderful thoughts

I think of you


So no matter where you are

or how far away I go

I will keep you close to me

and my heart will be filled

with happiness always

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Friends like you come along once in a lifetime...

And I want you to know how glad I am that

you came along in mine. Friends like you are

so valuable and so rare. You provide me with

things that can't compary with any other

happiness in my life. I am so thankful for all

the wonderful things about you. You understand

my difficulties and always give me the benefit

of the doubt. There are so many times when

you're the only one who knows what I'm going

through. You're what communication and trust

are all about.


If you sense that I'm hurting, you do whatever

you can to help me. And you don't hold things

against me. You help me prop up my courage if

it starts to fade, and you have such a gentle

way of providing reassurance.


You walk beside me when I could use a

little guidance and direction in my life.

And, more than anyone else, you support

me in my attempts to do what is right.


You can multiply my smiles and you constantly

add to my favorite memories. You make me

feel like I really am somebody who matters.

Then you quietly prove to me how beautiful

that feeling is. You really are amazing.

And I wish I had a way to thank you for all this.


I feel like it's important to let you know

that, in you, I have come across a wonderful,

one-in-a-lifetime friend. The gift of that

friendship is the nicest thing anyone could

ever give... and I will cherish it all the days

of my life and all the years that I live

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